We are

PINK! is a society of about 2000 members, united by a founding document, vision and our role as the political youth organsation of the Dutch ‘Party for the Animals’: Partij voor de Dieren (PvdD).

Almost all our members live in an area that one of our regional branches is responsible for. These regional branches allow members to come in contact with like-minded peers, and develope their political skills and insight. This is facilitated by regional boards, which are in turn supported by our national board.

Despite being a political youth organisation (PYO), the main goal of PINK! is not to convince people of a particular political ideology. Rather, we want to inform people, particularly youngsters, to encourage them to think for themselves and to allow them to experience the influence that we can have collectively. Together, we can and will form a more sensible and compansionate world for everyone, no matter their gender, romantic orientation, ethnicity or – and unfortunately this seems to set us apart from other PYOs – species.

We fully recognise that humans are wonderful animals. We are creative, curious, and full of initiative. We are also capable of tremendous empathy. But our species has seriously messed things up, not just for ourselves, but for all complex life on earth, through our haste, our greed and our capacity to disturb natural equilibria that we’re often not even aware of.

Our triptych

Animals, nature and the environment
We became our logo in januari 2018