Act on your ideals

We are the youth organisation of the Dutch Party for the Animals. We help youngster in the Netherlands to bring about positive change for fellow (human) beings and our world as a whole. 

We are becoming increasingly involved in the global movement to challenge anthropocentric and econocentric thinking in politics, and are always enthusiastic to hear from, work with or support potential allies from around the world. 


Human consumption had led to the depletion and degradation of our planet, loss of bio-diversity and abundance and even the beginnings of a new mass extinction. We must preserve what we still can.


Human intervention is causing the conditions that all life on earth has adapted to, to change at an alarming rate. That trend must be halted and perhaps even substantially reversed.


It isn't just humans that can experience joy or pain. So, it also matters to other species how we shape society. Therefore, we have to take them into account.

Our name

The name ‘PINK!’ stubbornly resists translation. It is the Dutch word for a heffer – a young cow – but is gender neutral and does not have any negative undertone. In fact, it expresses our lively and enthusiastic nature. We try to embrace life, but not with the naivity of a child.

Until 2015, the Party for the Animals had a cow as logo, and our name referred to that. Now, the name is a remnant from earlier days, emphasising not just the strength but the duration of our relationship with our ‘mother party’.