PINK! stands for personal freedom. To make everyone’s personal freedom a reality, it’s necessary to promote emancipation of disadvantaged groups of people, and fight discrimination and exclusion with a firm hand. We dream of a society where everyone can flourish and express their own identity as they wish. Emancipation policy should strive to attain this dream.

The freedoms of ethnic and religious minorities have been under growing pressure over the past years. PINK! is committed to an inclusive society where everyone counts and everyone has equal opportunities.

Most recently changed 17-11-2018

Sexual orientation

PINK! strives for a complete and global acceptance of LGBT+ minorities.

  • Article 1 of the constitution will add explicitly that discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation are not allowed.

  • Discrimination based on orientation will stay prohibited.

  • Dutch elementary and secondary schools will include education about sexual diversity into their curricula, which will be supported financially and didactically by the government. The subject will for example be included in the subjects of Biology (sexual education) and Civics (social acceptance).

  • Schools ought to be a safe space for sexual minorities; schools will react strongly to bullying. Reducing suicide rates among these groups is a key priority.
  • The Dutch government will be an active international voice for the acceptation of LGBT+ minorities, by cooperating with other progressive governments in this matter to put collective pressure – diplomatically, economically or otherwise – on governments that compromise the well-being and rights of sexual minorities.
Most recently changed 17-11-2018

Other minorities

To make the Netherlands more accessible for handicapped people, the government will strictly enforce compliance with the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. Special emphasis should be put on the accessibility of public transport. Refusal of guide dogs in public spaces will only be permitted if the reasons given are of significant importance.

Most recently changed 17-11-2018

Sexual violence

Our criminal code currently only recognizes sexual assaults where the victim is penetrated as rape, and subsequently treats this as a more serious crime than other forms of sexual assault. This will be amended to include victims who are forced to penetrate someone else with their genitals.

Most recently changed 17-11-2018

Fighting racism

PINK! strives for a more inclusive society; one without racism.

  • Anonymous job applications will become the norm for vacancies in education and governmental institutions (like ministries, municipalities and the police).
  • To fight racial profiling, the police will be required to document the reason for apprehending someone on so-called "stop forms".