Next generation of the Party for the Animals

The Party for the Animals (‘Partij voor de Dieren’) is the so-called ‘mother party’ of PINK!. We are formally an independent organisation, but our goals and values align completely, and we naturally try to work together as closely as possible.

The relationship between a political youth organisation (PYO) and its party is an interesting one. It’s symbiotic, but not necessarily without some friction. PYO’s have a responsibility to guard their party from complacency, and point our (potential) issues or weaknesses. This strengthens the movement in the long run, and keeps it sustainable.

In progress...

This page
We intend to extend this page in the near future, to give an overview of our history as the youth organisation of the Party for the Animals, and provide examples of the many ways in which we work together. Come again soon!

The party itself

The Party for the Animals naturally has her own website. You can find some information here about its history, recent successes and way of operating. The party also has a scientific bureau and an international branch.