Our logo

Our logo consists of an eye, a leaf and a rain drop, and as such brings together our three key issues: animals, nature and the environment. Though they are in harmony with each other, the balance is fragile, and if one of these aspects of our world would come to fall, then so would the others.

The creation of our logo is quite a story, of which our desire to express our connection with the Party for the Animals (PvdD) was an important part.

If we dig a little deeper, we can see the leaf as a symbol for our (partially) green planet. It’s the only planet we have, and so, just as obviously, we have to be careful with it.

The rain drop can signify the water cycle, and circular processes in general. It’s time for humans to pay attention to the ingenious mechanisms by which nature avoids the formation of waste, by recycling everything. We urge societies to reform our economies to function in a similar way.

The open eye may also stand for our critical view of society. We don’t close our eyes for the problems and injustices in the world, but bring them to the attention of others.

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The colour of the logo is a very similar green to that of our ‘mother party’ Green naturally stands for sustainability, but certainly for calm as well. Also, the symbols are cut-outs like the butterfly of the Party for the Animals, but in such a way that our symbols are bit more bold and evocative of our youthful spirit and assertiveness.

The logo is a triptych, arguably even a trinity. Different aspects and processes of the world are identified, but they can’t really be considered in isolation. It breaks the rule that a logo ought to only contain one element, and in so doing resists the idea that everything can be reduced to a model with suits humans. It demonstrates that PINK! has a remarkably broad vision and is willing to break with conventions.