October 13th 2012

We, the members of PINK!, the youth organization of the Party for the Animals, have created this foundational document, to declare the ideals that bind us. It is our aim to abide by the progressive principles described here, and to publicly proclaim and defend our ideals…

Our foundational document describes the views and convictions that unite the members of PINK!. They can only be changed by a 4/5ths majority at a general meeting. All amendments to our political manifesto are tested against our foundation. This is a translation of the actual document.

Animals rights, a voice for those who have none

In our society, animals are often seen as objects to be used. The moral and judicial status of an animal usually equals that of an object like a bike or a fridge. To us it seems evident that animals are much more than objects. Animals have an intrinsic value and do not exist solely for human purposes. Animals have feelings, just as humans do. They feel pain, loneliness and pleasure. Many animals live in a family structure and some species have complex social structures. We believe that animals deserve rights. The life and well-being of an animal cannot be expressed in terms of money. PINK! has set itself the goal of achieving a more just treatment of animals by giving them a voice in the political arena.

Sustainable development

PINK! recognizes the necessity for a much greater emphasis on sustainable development in politics. When governmental institutions create policies, they shouldn’t solely focus on the interests of current generations. They should take into account the interests of future generations of both humans and animals.

If we do not change our current policies, we will endanger future generations. The current way of governing does not take into account the increase of the world population and its burden on nature. Countries that are less developed technologically, economically or medically often do not have sustainable policies. It is the responsibility of the developed countries to support these nations and help to improve their policies for a sustainable future.

PINK! fights for the preservation of the nature we have left and the protection of both individual animals and entire species. Furthermore, we are convinced that we have to fight environmental pollution on a global scale.

Neither left nor right, but progressive

PINK! chooses to consider the interests of both humans  and other species. PINK! is against discrimination on any basis, whether that is skin color, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation or species. To us, everybody is equal. We therefore believe that the current political system, which is divided into left and right, does not do justice to our approach. We don’t let ourselves be constrained by traditional divisions, and we don’t pick sides, unless it be  the side of the weakest in our society. PINK! is determined to be progressive in pursuing her goals and ideals, and fight for animals, nature and the environment, in an attempt to ensure a sustainable world where all beings can enjoy our planet in a balanced way.

Individual freedom and personal responsibility

PINK! doesn't just focus on the role of nature, animals and the environment, but also on individual freedom and responsibility. We want to give people, and especially younger people, more opportunities to develop their talents and contribute to society. In this ambition, education plays a fundamental role. Education forms the intellectual and economical core of the Netherlands and is of great importance for its democracy too. After all, education gives people the necessary insight to make informed decisions.

The internet and new (digital) technologies have democratized knowledge and information and play an ever more important role in the distribution of information among citizens – especially among its youth. That is why PINK! strongly believes that the government should enable free internet access to all its citizens and protect their privacy, while safeguarding the rights of non-internet users.

Because of this important development, PINK! wants to involve younger people in politics and give them the opportunity to form and express their opinions on political matters such as animal rights and sustainability. PINK! advocates for maximizing both personal freedom and personal responsibility. We therefore support the ‘polluter pays principle’ when it comes to environmental pollution. This does not restrict people’s choices, but it does mean that those creating problems bear the responsibility for solving them. Down the line, this will hopefully discourage polluting behavior.

We are proud to conclude that these ideals have lead PINK! to support the Party for the Animals as its independent political youth organization. By supporting the Party for the Animals and their unique role within the Dutch government, PINK! believes to be in the best position to succeed in creating a better world for all animals and humans alike.