PINK! needs interim-secretary and alumni committee members

Katalin Clarijs, our current secretary, will stop in her function due to private reasons from the 1st of February. That is why PINK! is looking for an interim-secretary until our spring congress of 2020 at the 18th of April. The vacancies for the PINK! alumni commitee will also open.


Katalin Clarijs will stop in her function from the 1st of February, in consultation with the other board members. That is why PINK! needs a interim-secretary until the 18th of April. At this spring congress a new secretary will be chosen with the usual procedures. Applications for this will be opened in January.

Alumni commitee

De functions within the alumni comittee are open for everyone over 30 who has been a members of PINK! (or who are soon alumni). The goal of the alumni committee is to create and mantain a network of PINK! alumni.

Applying is possible for the functions chairman and secretary. On top of that, applying for general board member is possible to, for which 2 to 5 people will be chosen.


Applying for interim-secretary or a function within the alumni committee is possible until the 15th of January by sending a motivation letter and your CV to, with the subject ‘application [function]’.


Interviews will be held for all functions the the 18th of January. At the latest, you will receive a confirmation of your application at the 16th of January. In the same email, an appointment will be made with you. The chosen interim-secretary will be oriented between the 19th of January and 1st of February by Katalin for a smooth transition.


Questions about the functions or application procedures can be directed to If anyone has questions for Katalin about her decision, they can send an email to