PINK! goes purple!

Opinion piece by Benjamin van Sterkenburg, chairman of PINK!

‘Are you a gay movement association?’. Same-sex sexuality and pink are associated with each other, and I don’t really mind it that much that people think about that when they hear our name, although not everyone that likes their same sex has something with pink, naturally. I also can’t really blame them that they don’t think about a young cow (pink is the Dutch name for a  young cow, red), which is the root of our name. Party for the Animals back then had a cow as logo, with a happy dandelion in his mouth. It’s a fun anecdote for which you have to dig deeper in your memory than normally.

Why I also don’t mind it, is because since the astablishment of PINK!, we are standing for shared ideals. Proudly, we are the self-named emancipation party who strives to stand up for all minorities in our society. Every individual that systematically feels less privileged by our society, can count on our support. Discrimination based on gender, sex, sexuality, color, background or species and all other attributes you don’t choose, we disapprove of.

But not only our ideals connect us. In our proud (and happy!) activism we are often found together. With the Pride a Party for the Animals boat can be found and with the climate marches the Queers for Climate are also found. Poltics is more than just policies. It’s a lifestyle. We don’t only vote for Party for the Animals, we also try to eat vegan, ban leather from our clothing collections and we strive to be inclusive for people that are different than us.

And how do you do that, an inclusive attitude? That can be hard. That is why small gestures and symbols are important. Wear eat least one friday in the year purple clothing for example, to show that LGBTQIA+ youths are not weird. So call your school, internschip or work place to fly the rainbow flag, organise a special event to have a conversation about LGBTQIA+ themes or invite someone from a LGBTQIA+ group to give a presentation. Or all of the above! 

In the Netherlands there is a place for everyone – also and especially – during school. So wear on friday the 13th of December as much purple as possible and show that we can be proud!

To ask everyone to pay a little attention to Purple Friday, we are having a purple giveaway on Instagram and Facebook. Today (8/12/2019) is the last day to participate!