Marianne, thank you!

Photo above by ANP, BSR Agency and Freek van den Bergh.

Marianne, you were and are the figurehead of PvdD. You founded PvdD and with you at the helm, the party has won two seats in the House of Representatives for the first time in 2006. It was the start of the PvdD fight for the animals, and especially, the start of a movement. Last weekend PINK! had the opportunity to experience this battle not only being initiated in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium they are fighting hard with DierAnimal. 19 animal parties exist as of today!

Marianne, from your protest dresses on Prince’s day, to your strong debates, to your creation of #Powerplant. Both inside and outside the House of Representatives you no longer let the animals coming last. With your unbridled commitment and emancipation movement, you have inspired many young people, including many women. That is why PINK! says: thank you.

Marianne, above all we want to wish you success. You said it yourself: this is not a goodbye, our fight continues together with you. We wish you the best of luck with everything you will continue to do for the animal parties in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Esther, we wish you success as the new party leader. It is challenging work and not an easy job, but unfortunately still necessary. PINK! fights along with so we keep giving animals a voice.

Furthermore, we are of the opinion that the bio-industry must come to an end.